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About Us

In the hidden village of CryptoLeaf, Satoshi Ninja and a team of developers created NARUTON, a crypto token inspired by Naruto and built on the TON blockchain. NARUTON allowed users to stake their tokens, earning rewards and unlocking rare ninja-themed NFTs. The village thrived as NARUTON became popular, attracting ninja enthusiasts and blockchain investors.

The team introduced Dapps like "Ninja Arena," a Play-to-Earn game where players staked NARUTON to participate in battles and earn rewards. The village economy boomed, with NARUTON tokens circulating in a decentralized marketplace for unique items and upgrades.

NARUTON's success spread, creating a legendary story of how the fusion of anime culture and blockchain technology could create a vibrant decentralized ecosystem. In the vast world of blockchain, the tale of NARUTON continued, proving that the imagination of ninjas and the power of decentralized networks could coexist in harmony.



Embark on the NARUTON journey, where the spirit of Naruto meets the innovation of decentralized networks. Our roadmap unfolds a dynamic adventure, introducing staking, Play-to-Earn gaming, strategic partnerships, and more. Join us as we build a vibrant community and establish NARUTON as a standout player in the crypto and gaming realms. Welcome to the future of decentralized anime-inspired finance!

Phase 1

Community Building

Initial Launch

Announce the official launch of NARUTON on various crypto forums and social media platforms.

Distribute the initial team allocation (locked) and commence the staking program. Initiate community engagement activities, such as AMAs, to introduce the project, tokenomics, and future plans.

Begin strategic marketing campaigns to create awareness and attract early investors. Start the liquidity pool (LP) and list NARUTON on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for trading.

Phase 3

Play-to-Earn Integration

Marketing Blitz

Launch the first phase of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, "Ninja Arena," encouraging users to participate and earn NARUTON rewards.

Conduct a marketing blitz to promote the Play-to-Earn features and attract gamers.

Expand community involvement through gaming-related events, contests, and challenges.

Implement P2E-related updates based on early user feedback.

Phase 5

Airdrop Campaigns

and Marketing Sprints

Initiate the airdrop campaign, distributing NARUTON tokens to existing holders and new community members.

Launch targeted marketing sprints, focusing on specific regions and demographics.

Continue enhancing the NARUTON ecosystem based on user feedback and market trends.

Explore potential listings on additional exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility.

Phase 2

Staking Program Activation

Integration & Development

Enable the staking program, allowing users to stake NARUTON tokens and earn rewards.

Launch targeted marketing to promote the benefits of staking and attract participants. Implement staking-related updates based on early user feedback.

Continue community engagement through social media, forums, and the official NARUTON website.

Phase 4

NFT Staking Rewards

and Enhancements

Introduce NFT staking rewards for users, allowing them to stake and earn rare ninja-themed NFTs.

Conduct marketing campaigns highlighting the NFT staking feature.

Expand the P2E game with additional features and challenges.

Gather and implement feedback from both staking and P2E communities.

Phase 6

NARUTO Community Expansion

and Protocol Development

Introduce community governance proposals, allowing NARUTON holders to participate in decision-making.

Conduct a series of AMAs to address questions, provide updates, and gather feedback.

Dedicate efforts to further protocol development, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.

Expand the NARUTO community through educational initiatives, tutorials, and partnerships with educational platforms.

Beyond Phase 6: Continued Growth and Ecosystem Expansion

Implement continuous improvements to the NARUTON ecosystem, including new Dapps, partnerships, and features.

Explore collaborations with other anime-themed projects and decentralized networks. Establish NARUTON as a recognized token in the broader crypto and gaming communities. Sustain community engagement through regular updates, events, and incentives to ensure long-term success.



100,000,000 NARUTONS - NARUTON's tokenomics blend innovation and community incentives, with allocations for staking, Play-to-Earn gaming, strategic partnerships, marketing, and NFT rewards, creating a dynamic ecosystem inspired by Naruto's ninja world.

Due to the rush we had at launch and FUD at the begening we accidentaly locked all the Team Marketing P2E staking and Airdrop tokens, 30% of them in the same wallet. They will be allocated to seperate wallets when they unlock


Team Allocation
(Locked) 1 Week

A dedicated 5% of the total token supply is reserved for the development team, emphasizing commitment and long-term vision. This allocation is locked, ensuring stability and alignment with the project's success.

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Staking Rewards
(Locked) 1 Week (Relocked)

A substantial 10% of the token supply is designated for staking rewards, encouraging users to actively participate in the ecosystem by staking their NARUTO tokens. These rewards will be slow at first to make sure the price of the token stays stable.

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Liquidity Pool (LP)

The majority, 70%, of NARUTO tokens are allocated to the Liquidity Pool (LP), enhancing the liquidity of the token. This allocation supports efficient trading and ensures a robust marketplace for users to buy, sell, and trade NARUTO tokens seamlessly.

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) Incentives
(Locked) 2 Week

A strategic 5% of the token supply is reserved for Play-to-Earn incentives, encouraging active participation in NARUTO's gaming ecosystem. Users engaging in the Play-to-Earn game, such as "Ninja Arena," receive NARUTO tokens as rewards, fostering a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience.

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Marketing and Community Growth
(Locked) 1 Week

An additional 5% of the token supply is allocated for marketing and community growth initiatives. This fund supports strategic campaigns, partnerships, and promotional activities to increase awareness, attract new users, and contribute to the overall expansion and success of the NARUTO ecosystem.

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Airdrop for Rewards and Token Holder Traction
(Locked) 2 Week

Another 5% of the token supply is allocated for airdrops, both as rewards for community engagement and to attract new token holders. Airdrops to existing holders foster a sense of loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing, contributing to the organic growth and widespread adoption of NARUTO.

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Our Staking Dapp has been built and is nearly ready for release! You will be able to stake your Naruton Tokens and Also provide LP tokens for the pool getting big rewards! The rewards will be slow at first to not cause a massive price impact! Wallet conncet has been integrated and we will be releasing staking 1 week after launch when the tokens unlock!



"Ninja Arena," the captivating Play-to-Earn game associated with NARUTON, immerses players in a thrilling virtual ninja world. Engage in battles, hone your skills, and earn NARUTON tokens as rewards. With each strategic move, players not only experience the excitement of the game but also contribute to the growth of the NARUTON ecosystem. Embark on an adventure where gaming meets decentralized finance, bringing the spirit of Naruto to the forefront of blockchain innovation. More information on this will be available after Staking has been released

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In the hidden village of CryptoLeaf, Satoshi Ninja and a team of developers created NARUTON, a crypto token inspired by Naruto and built on the TON blockchain.

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